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A full service qualitative research & strategy firm

Sweet Insight Group is a woman-owned, Colorado-based S-corp business, serving clients worldwide.

What is Sweet Insight Group?

Why We Exist

We are passionate about understanding people...

...What they think,

...How they feel,

...Why they do what they do, and say what they say.

We are lucky enough to talk with interesting people every day.

We love designing, conducting and analyzing qualitative research.

We love helping clients answer complex business questions.

We harness curiosity. And in the process, we make our clients' jobs easier.

What We Do

We are specialists at the intersection of qualitative research and marketing strategy. We love using in-person observation and online or mobile technologies to go deeper, and to keep research 'real.'  We blend innovative methods with classic qualitative techniques, because this foundation often yields great results. We finish every project with insightful, engaging debriefs and presentations that are custom-tailored for each client.  

We work with some of the most innovative and well-loved brands in the world, and we love helping them dig into their most pressing challenges. With our seasoned yet nimble team we focus on each client's business issues, delivering positive impact every time. 

How We Do It

We make qualitative research as real-world as possible by offering...

  • Thoughtful, human-centric research design
  • Dedicated, proactive management
  • Experienced interviewing and moderating
  • Creative deliverables
  • Inspired, strategic consulting services

We embrace the new. We collaborate. We dig in and get messy. We play. We work to answer challenging questions... and to make research fun!

Contact Us

How Can We Help?

We love helping our clients have fun with qualitative research. 

So contact us, and let's see how we can harness curiosity

 to help make your job easier.

Sweet Insight Group


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